One of the most distinguishing characteristics about New Orleans is its abundance of fabulous food. Visitors rave about what they ate on vacation, locals snap photos to entice their friends and everyone can’t help but exclaim their excitement for their next meal, especially while savoring the food on the plate before them. With over 1400 restaurants in the Greater New Orleans Area, it’s easy for your mom and pop eatery to get lost in the shuffle. We know you want to do everything possible to let Crescent City diners know about your establishment, to talk about your restaurant to others, but it’s likely you’re too busy cooking to research and implement all of the latest restaurant marketing strategies available. Our team at Where Ya Eatin’ At would like to help…


The Things that really matter to us.


Our methods in media and restaurant marketing are precisely chosen to create inspiring results that will generate more business for your restaurant. Our solutions have been developed through a team of restaurant and media specialists to effectly market your restaurant. We want you to reap the rewards of our combined experience.


Keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult given the speed at which technology is growing and changing. For a restaurant this is a daunting task. Our team strives to stay educated and aware of current trends in technology and advertising so this responsibility is off your plate and to make sure your restaurant is always ahead of the game.


We only create beautiful things and our goal is make your restaurant look great. Our designers have the skills to elevate your company’s image so that you stand out from the rest. From mobile-friendly website design to restaurant documentaries, we can give you a look people won’t forget.


Web Design

Custom web design based on your restaurant, your branding and your customer, all wrapped up into a website that works as good as it looks.

Mobile-Friendly Web Development

Customers are increasingly viewing websites on different devices, so it’s essential that your website works well on any device. We can help you to build a new website with a responsive layout or convert your existing website to work well on mobile devices.


Your logo. Your image. Make sure that first impression is exceptional.

Online Restaurant Documentaries

Good writing can go a long way on a restaurant’s website but text-based content is a one-dimensional medium. Video on the other hand is a triple threat. It is interactive, informative and engaging. People want to see your restaurant’s personality. With your restaurant documentary, they see your kitchen, your dining room, your smiles, laughs and much more. It’s simple. People find videos easier to relate to and it will add more spice to your website. Video is your secret sauce.


A restaurant should never underestimate the power of well-executed food photography. A great photo offers a visually-stimulating feast for the eyes that will, undoubtedly, make the viewer hungry. With proper photography, something as simple as a sandwich can transform into a delectable work of art, enticing those who see it to crave the fresh tomatoes, oozing mayonnaise and crusty French bread. Where Ya Eatin’ At has several talented photographers who are more-than-capable of making your prospective diners drool before they even walk through the door.

Email Marketing

After you wake up what is one of the first things you do in the morning? Your customers WANT to hear from you more than you realize. Email is an effective way to communicate with them. We help you build this email list and make sure you are sending emails your customers want to receive – weekly content tailored to your restaurant’s needs, designed to engage and keep you in the conversation.

Social Media Marketing

More than just a means of finding old high school buddies, social media influences how people spend their time and money. Like you, we want people to spend it in your restaurant. Our social media strategy expands your online presence and customer reach so that your customers will like you AND come eat at your restaurant.


From your restaurant marketing plan to your business card, from the printed page to the luminous screen, we have it covered. We bring all aspects of design, marketing and consulting together to help your restaurant succeed.

Check out just some of the restaurants that have tasted the sweet fruits of our labor:

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Why We Started WYEA?


According to today’s research, The Greater New Orleans area has 70% more restaurants than it did in 2005 before hurricane Katrina. The New York Times calls New Orleans “food- obsessed”, and here at Where Ya Eatin’ At, you won’t find an argument. We want to help the greater New Orleans area get a handle on this cuisine chaos! Since it would be almost impossible to experience everything New Orleans has to offer its food lovers, Where Ya Eatin’ At wants to help! We want you to have the ability to show your customers every aspect of your restaurant or eatery from the push of the button, and from the comfort of the couch or on the phone! We want to help you offer your customers an experience, and let them all but taste everything they’ve heard of, but yet to try. We want to be able to offer a platform where they can point, click, and truly experience the food and atmosphere of their next potential eat! Where Ya’ Eatin’ At wants to connect food lovers with this food obsessed city, and we want to help make the decision process a whole lot easier. At Where Ya’ Eatin’ At, we aim to help people watch what they eat.


We Drive Dining Decisions.

Interested in partnering with us? Eager to know more? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly! [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]