For The Love of Falafel

Kim Ranjbar

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Kim Ranjbar

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Slurping wetly and noisily at the nourishment that is New Orleans.

Crispy, crunchy and often drizzled with tahini sauce, falafel are a tasty lunch option whether you’re a vegetarian or not. This traditional, Middle Eastern dish is made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans and is often served wrapped in flat bread along with fresh greens and pickled vegetables to make one heck of a sandwich. Here are three new restaurants in New Orleans that serve phenomenal falafel…

Kebab ~ 2315 St. Claude Ave.

Recently opened in Bywater, Kebab is famous for their spit-style, doner kebab sandwiches and Belgian fries, but their Falafel sure aren’t anything to sneeze at. Wrapped in fresh-baked bread, they offer crunchy fried falafel dressed with both hummus and tzatziki, red onion, pickled cucumbers, spinach, arugula and kale.

Shaya ~ 4213 Magazine St.

One of several popular eateries in the Besh Restaurant Group, Shaya was opened only a few months ago by 2015 James Beard Award winner Alon Shaya. Cooking dishes inspired by his Israeli heritage, Chef Shaya offers all kinds of mouth-watering items from Duck Matzo Ball Soup to Baba Ganoush, but his falafel (that you can get as an appetizer or a sandwich) is fried to order and served with cabbage salad and cucumber tzatziki.

1000 Figs – 3141 Ponce de Leon

From the Fat Falafel food truck purveyors comes 1000 Figs located just a hop from Fair Grounds Coffee House in Mid-City. Though you may not find any figs (and who cares, really?), you’ll certainly be able to get your hands on some falafel! Order the platter with salad, hummus, pita and vegetables or opt for their sandwich with cole slaw, tahini, zhoug (spicy chile sauce) and toum (garlic yogurt sauce).