Crazy-Good Cracklins

Kim Ranjbar

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Kim Ranjbar

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Slurping wetly and noisily at the nourishment that is New Orleans.

Snapping, popping, still warm from the fryer … who doesn’t like cracklins? A Southern favorite and a Southern Louisiana specialty, cracklins are deep fried bliss for any pork-lover and an item that has creeped its way back on the menu of several restaurants in the Greater New Orleans Area. Whether they’re served alone or as an irresistible topping, cracklins are crazy-good eats.

Toups’ Meatery ~ 845 N. Carrollton Ave.

Owned by beloved local chef Isaac Toups and his wife Amanda, Toups’ Meatery is a carnivore’s heaven located in Mid-City. Among such meaty desirables like double-thick pork chops or confit chicken thighs, Toups’ offers the finest Cajun-style cracklins you’ve ever put in your mouth. Sprinkled with spicy, salty seasoning and served straight from the fryer, these cracklins are crunchy, chewy morsels of meaty bliss … just try them and see for yourself.

SoBou ~ 310 Chartres St.

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, SoBou is one of the Commander’s Palace Family of Restaurants featuring a gastropub vibe. Belly up to the bar, enjoy an expertly-mixed cocktail from their spirit guru Abigail Gullo and munch on Chef Juan Carlos Gonzalez’s swoon-worthy, crispy pork cracklins.

Brown Butter Restaurant ~ 231 N. Carrollton Ave

Found in a strip mall not far from Toups’ Meatery in Mid-City, Brown Butter is a new addition to the neighborhood wowing diners with their Southern-inspired dishes, everything from pimento cheese dip to duck-leg confit. In keeping with their Southern theme, Brown Butter also serves warm pork rinds in a brown paper bag (compete with grease spots) with smoked-corn buttermilk dressing for dipping.