Everyone Wants A Slice

Kim Ranjbar

Is there possibly anything more perfect than pie? What could be more satisfying than a perfect amalgam of ingredients that are savory or sweet (or both!) contained in a buttery, flaky crust? Although there are numerous places for pie all over this crescent-shaped city of ours, here are a few you may not have tried.

The Backyard ~ 244 W Harrison Ave.

Bring your kids for a home-away-from home dining adventure at The Backyard on West Harrison Avenue in Lakeview. Sporting a casual atmosphere and a playground out back for the little ‘uns, The Backyard offers juicy burgers, incredible hot dogs, potato salad and yes, pie. Sourced from Ps & Qs (pies and quiches) Uptown on Magazine Street, score yourself a slice of summertime with their strawberry rhubarb pie.

St. Roch Market ~ 2381 St Claude Ave.

Sidle on up to the St. Roch Market, a new culinary center on St. Claude, for a little something at The Sweet Spot. Amidst the giant chocolate chip cookies and bacon praline cinnamon rolls, you may be just in time for a piece of their Key Lime pie. Sweet and tangy, this particular rendition’s texture verges on cheesecake and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

District Hand Pies & Coffee– 5637 Magazine St.

Like our beloved and much-missed Hubig’s, the fare offered at District Hand Pies & Coffee are fully enclosed pies, necessitating not much more than a hungry mouth and plenty of napkins. Keep it sweet with a “Brookie” (brownie and cookie combination) or Blueberry & Creole Cream Cheese, or go savory with Kung Pao Chicken or a breakfast pie complete with a gooey, soft-boiled egg.

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