Raiding the cookie jar …

Kim Ranjbar

There’s nothing quite like fresh-baked cookies. Not only do they taste wondrous, a great cookie can can make one nostalgic, recalling the days when the best part of the school day was arriving home for a plate of cookies and ice cold milk. Though I’m a staunch supporter of the home-baked variety, there are quite a few places to score an excellent cookie that’ll help you escape the commitment of an entire batch.

Willa Jean ~ 11 O’Keefe Ave.

Just pop into this brand new cafe on the corner of Girod and O’Keefe downtown and step back into the past with a plate of milk and cookies. Made from three different kinds of Valrhona chocolate, these decadent cookies are served warm with a tin of Tahitian vanilla milk and a beater packed with dough.

The Sweet Spot at St. Roch Market ~ 2381 St. Claude Ave.

Easily as big as your head (or possibly bigger!) The Sweet Spot at St. Roch Market makes giant Who Dat Cookies made with peanut butter cups and chocolate. Scarf it, share it or make it last all week long.

Photo Courtesy of The Sweet Spot

Maple St. Patisserie – 7638 Maple St.

Whether they’re chewy double chocolate, butter, chocolate chip or oatmeal, the cookies (and everything else!) at Maple St. Patisserie are well worth pining for. Plus, because he’s so very nice, part owner and pastry chef Ziggy Cichowski will like wow you with the cookies of your dreams at your request!