5 Tips on Tweeting

Kim Ranjbar

Short, sweet and to the point, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for your restaurant, one you should not ignore. Like Facebook and Instagram, taking a few extra moments out of your day or an hour out of your week, can prove invaluable to any small business owner. Here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. Choose an appropriate user name

1. Selecting a 15-letter Twitter handle can be more difficult than it sounds, especially if you need to be creative because the obvious name has already been taken. Start with the name of your restaurant and possibly add a locale modifier like @ChickenHutNOLA or @HotDawgBR.

2. Schedule Tweets ahead of time on TweetDeck or Hootsuite

2. Both of these tools are excellent for managing multiple Twitter accounts or even just one with both desktop and mobile applications. Do your research and schedule tweets ahead of time so that information like restaurant specials, live music or happy hours are announced when they would most likely be noticed.

3. Follow and re-tweet!

3. It’s good to follow other users in similar businesses or organizations that compliment your own. Feel free to re-tweet and comment on tweets you find interesting or important. Especially when that food blogger you’ve been following writes a favorable review of your restaurant!

4. Contests and giveaways

Use Twitter to your advantage and increase your followers by offering free food or gift certificates. Nothing gets more attention than free stuff!

5. Employee participation

While you don’t want your employees to neglect their usual duties, encourage them to tweet during their downtime and help promote the restaurant. After all, more customers can only be a good thing!