The Weekly Dish: Wings at Bourrée

Kim Ranjbar

Football and wings go together like cookies and cream, rhythm and blues, and red beans and rice. There’s just something about munching on spicy wings, washing it down with a cold drink and cheering with friends while watching our boys do what they do best. Although everyone has their favorite spot for stellar wings, it might be in your interest to try something new for a change.

Finally settled into its new digs on Carrollton Avenue, Bourrée at Boucherie has four (so far), lip-smacking wings to choose from. My personal favorite is the sweet mango kicked up with some added hot sauce, a touch recommended by one of Bourrée’s most helpful employees. But, I’ve also heard many foodie folks rave about the spicy Buffalo sauce, the Asian-inspired kimchi and lemongrass, and Jamaican-style jerk. It would probably be wise to add a few orders of cracklins and some boudin while you’re at it, not to mention a few of freshest daiquiris in town.