Restaurant Marketing: What You Gain With Google+

Kim Ranjbar

Although the popularity of Google + seems to be creeping forward slowly, especially when compared to its famous competitor Facebook, it’s rather unwise to turn your nose up when considering building a social media presence in the Plus universe.

Creating a Google + business page and linking it to Google’s existing listing of your restaurant could likely be one of the most important social marketing moves you ever make. After all, to the general, internet-browsing populace, Google IS the internet. Gaining a firm footprint in this highly popular search engine is, as you’ll realize, all important. According to, over 1.17 billion people used Google as their primary search engine worldwide in 2012.

Making and maintaining a Google + business page, in addition with other major social media sites, will offer your restaurant better visibility in Google rankings, putting your business higher on the list of search results. Plus, posting regular food images, specials and other information pertinent to local and visiting diners will only increase that visibility.

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