The Weekly Dish: Cheesy B. E. T. at The Big Cheezy

Kim Ranjbar

The weather has finally begun to cool a bit in New Orleans, bringing with it a yen for home-style comfort food. For some that entails a bowl of rich gumbo or a hearty casserole, but for others it could be something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich … enter The Big Cheezy. This niche restaurant concept began as food truck, but has quickly stretched it’s ooey-gooey reach from Mid-City to Kenner to a kitchen installation inside the Dragon’s Den on the edge of the Marigny.

Although there’s lots of variations on grilled cheese bliss at The Big Cheesy, there’s just something downright irresistible about the Cheesy B.E. T. where tasty cheddar is grilled on multi-grain bread with applewood-smoked bacon, thick slices of fresh tomato and a soft-fried egg. What’s your favorite?