The Weekly Dish: Meatball Soup at Maya’s

Kim Ranjbar

This year, it may not seem like the weather will ever truly turn cold, we can still pretend like it’s winter with delicious, hot comfort food that warms you to your toes. Although the dish this week at Maya’s may not always be on the menu, it’s so good that it screams to be talked about.

Head down to the LGD for a bowl of bliss at a “Nuevo Latino” restaurant that has been in the area since 2007. With a very eclectic menu featuring everything from yuca fritters and Jamaican tostones to guacamole and tuna tartare, Maya’s offers a taste of just about everything south of the border. Though the soup of the day always changes, if you happen to be lunching at Maya’s when a pot of the chef’s Meatball Soup is on the burner, you should definitely take advantage. Filled with earthy-spiced meatballs, golden potatoes, fresh corn and carrots, you won’t be able to put your spoon down till the very last drop.

2027 Magazine St., 504-309-3401