Restaurant Marketing: Google is your friend!

Kim Ranjbar

You’ve created your Google+ business page, connected it to your Google listing and have been posting regularly. Is that all Google can do for your business? Not by a long shot! First off, set up Google Alerts to notify you whenever anyone mentions your business. Why? Well, not only can you share accolades as they appear, you can also address any concerns your customers have voiced on sites like Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor or even their own personal blogs. This helps immensely when trying to keep a pulse on what your restaurant is doing right, and even more importantly, what areas may need a little work.

Google also offers a free tracking service called Analytics. Simply add the generated code to your website (or have your web developer do it for you) and Google can keep track of how many hits your website receives, click-throughs, geographical and other demographic data … all important information especially when you purchase online advertising that clicks through to your website. This data will help you break down whether or not your advertising is working the way it’s supposed to and where the web traffic is coming from.

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