The Weekly Dish: Quiche at Toast

Kim Ranjbar

A neighborhood cafe, an elegant restaurant that requires jackets or, as it typical in Louisiana, the corner gas station … we all have restaurants we fall back on again and again and again. The food is phenomenal, whether its a spicy, hot sausage po-boy or a dreamy foie gras torchon, and the atmosphere fits you like a glove. But the biggest reason we keep going back is because the shrimp will be crispy, the bread forever fresh and the coffee only comes in one temperature … hot. Every great restaurant aspires to serving consistently well-prepared, delicious food, and some, as we well know, need only maintain that mark.

On the corner of Laurel Street and Octavia, there’s a tiny little breakfast spot dubbed Toast, a restaurant that is run by Chef Cara Benson who also owns the stunning sandwich shop Tartine on Perrier Street. Of course you’ll find plenty of her wondrous pastries, breakfast sandwiches and toasts at Toast, but you will also discover one of the fluffiest, velvety, delectable quiches in the city. Next time you’re in the area, stop in for a thick slice of quiche with its buttery, flaky crust, be it ham and Gruyere or perhaps one with mushrooms and cheddar, but it’s bound to blow your mind and guaranteed to bring you back again … and again.