The Weekly Dish: Crispy Hen at Mint Modern Bistro & Bar

Kim Ranjbar

Quite often, diners will have a specific dish they won’t order when they go out because it’s something that they regularly prepare at home. After all, who wants to get dressed up and drive out to a nice restaurant and order something so familiar? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Sometimes, though, it just might surprise you.

Take the Crispy Hen at Mint on Freret Street. Basically, it’s just half of a well-seasoned, rotisserie game hen served with a mound of sticky rice and a fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. How many times have you eaten chicken and rice at home? Hundreds? Thousands? Well, I guarantee you it doesn’t taste like this; a crisp, sweet and savory skin with tender, juicy meat served with fish sauce for dipping. You won’t ever avoid the chicken on the menu again.