The Weekly Dish: Messi Swine at Bevi Seafood Co.

Kim Ranjbar

There’s really nothing like a great po-boy … overstuffed in signature New Orleans French bread, dripping with gravy or with bits falling out with every decadent bite. Everyone has their favorite shops, but there’s a new place in town that is giving the traditional a run for its money.

Bevi Seafood Co. which recently opened in Metairie and Mid-City is owned and operated by chef Justin LeBlanc who is living the dream, offering quality seafood, po-boys and plates to his faithful fans. While you’d expect us to wax poetic about a particular seafood dish, there’s an incredible po-boy offered at the Mid-City location that contains nothing of the sort. Dubbed the “Messi Swine,” this magical creation is a tongue-tantalizing combination of crispy pork belly, cochon de lait and ham dressed with bacon fat mayonnaise. If that doesn’t spark your will for lunch, we’re not sure what will!